page hit counter 🔥🚀How to write a attractive Instagram bio

🔥🚀How to write a attractive Instagram bio

🔥🚀How to write a attractive Instagram bio

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That we can see bye of your Instagram2, how boring is it, okay, how boring is it, we will make it professional in theright way, so that when the person visits our profile, it makes our profile look much more attractive, okay, so for that you Do you have to select the font? Okay, to select the font, first of all you will cut from here. To cut here you will come to ‘g’ and you will search tomorrow. Okay, see, I will search and show you here, you will search.

Will you do cool sable, you can watch it here, kal sable, it has a site, it will open here, you can watch it here,, if you click on it,it will redirect you in the browser,you can watch the video till the end. And I am going toteach you here in the right way otherwise ifyou miss even a single stepthen you will say later in the comment that you aretelling me wrong, you can say anything, it is okay, thensee something here, in this way your side will come here.Now what you have to do is, here you have toselect the point, thenlook here, you will click on the font changer.

Once youcan look above on the font changer,here you will get to see many fonts,very professional level attractive,right. If you keep sliding, many of them will beshown to you here, youcan select any one from here which youlike, here youcan select any one from here, it is fine as per your choice,now accept it.Now if you have to write here then it will appearhere in the same way asI had selected the category of our product servicing,

now I have shown you the profile, soyou can write here,here as I write, I will show you,okay. In this way you will write or you willwrite HelloGuys Hello[Music]Hello Guys Welcometo myprofile Welcome to myprofile Welcome to profile and with this youcan add anything about yourself here, youcan add emoji, very good Okay,here you can writeI[Music]Product in this way and if you want towrite in English thenyou can write in English also here okay,

I have written in this way, now see what we have written above here in the text. It is written that you can write as per your wish and you can see it here and everything is here in the same way, see, Hello, come to my welcome tomy profile, you can see it here, okay, you like the font here as well. And here you select it like I am going to do here, now let’s see a good font, okay, you can get it in many other languages,but above we see a good font like we see this one. Let’s take a look, the black bubble font is fine, an option of copy will be visible on it, you are fine, above the heart that is made, you can see the option of copy in front of the black bubble font,equal to the rate, you click on it. If you do this,

then see here it has been copied, okay, whatever you wrote has been copied here,now you will simply go to your profile, okay now see, we have come to this profile, now simply see you here, edit the profile on this. If you click, then see the bio here, okay, on this you will cut the bio from here and paste what we had copied here, in this way, now look here, it is not looking good,we will make it right, how will we make it right here? But once you hit enter, welcome to my profile, okay, you will write something like this here, you can make it even better, okay, now you can also add emoji here, it looks much better than emoji, that is, itlooks good. Like on this I put a fire emoji, it’ sokay in this way, let’ sput something good in this way, we will do okay,now look at this, it’s not quite good, still it doesn’t look okay, what is this?

What we have to do is we will make it in the middle, we will give this space a little in the middle, you know how to give space, okay,after doing this, you have to put the hashtag, okay, wewill click on Shug, after clicking on Shug, here. You will search ‘Trending is ok’,  see ‘Trending is ok’ and many more things, ‘Trending viral reels’ is ‘ok’, in this way, you will click OK, after doing OK, you can see something like this here, you can search here.

You will see the category from here, you can select any one, okay, you can search anything here, Digital Creator, as per your choice, like I have selected this one, I haved one that,okay, after doing all this, now you will get the okay one. You have to click on the button and it will take a little weight, so look here, our profile has started appearing quite nicely, you can see that you will be seeing Hello, Welcome to my profile, okay, you can see something like this here, now you said.

That you have written product service in your bio, here you are a digital creator, a digital creator, in away, anything digital means any thing digital, like if we do digital service then it will come in digital only, or in this way, here in some way If you like any stylist in this way then only your profile will look good like I am showing my second profile which is my official profile on which you can also follow me, okay see this profile here. You can see my Amit Genius by the name of Amit Kumar right here, you can see it in this way, okayhere you can also follow me, go andsearch Genius Amit Kumar,

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