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How to change Instagram password

How to change Instagram password

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If you do not know the old password, only then you can create a new password because I have brought such tips and tricks in this video, solet’s do the video. Let’s startfriends,2026 is over and 2 has already started anda lot of methods have changed in it, so click on this DP, as soon as you click on this DP,

after clicking,this type of dashboard will be visible to you.Later, there are three lines here,click on it. Let’sclick on the three lines here. After clicking, youwill get an option on the first number. Whose option will you get? Friends,you have to click on this: Settings and Privacy.After clicking,friends, on the first number here you will get the option ofAccount Center. Friends, whose option will you get?Account Center,

so what to do on it,friends, you have to click on it. As soon as youclick on it, friends, this typeof interface will come. What kind of interface will come?Like this, you will get to seea lot of settings, so you don’t have to do anything,you have to scroll down andafter scrolling down, you can see here,on the third number you get the option ofpassword and security, so you don’t have todo anything, password.

Click on End Security.After clicking, you willsee many functions here again. It will bewritten above Password and Security,Login and Recovery, so you do not have to do anything,here you will get an option on number ‘ChangePassword’, then click on it.After clicking on Change Password,all your IDs will be visible. You can click on whicheverID you want to change the password of. IfI want to change the password of this ID,

then what will I do by clicking on it? After clicking ‘Danga’ you can see that the change password option has come here. If you do not know the old password, want to create a new password, if you have forgotten the old password then do not do anything, just click on ‘For Gut and Password’ here. As soon as you click on Forget and Password, a message has been sent to whatever Gmail ID you add here,

through which you can create a new password. A message has been sent to your Gmail ID. So, don’t do anything for that,friends, for that you have to come back, after coming back, simply come back completely, after coming back, you have to come on the dashboard like this, after coming on the dashboard, again click on the three lines here. To do: After clicking on the three lines, click on Settings and Privacy here again.

After clicking on Settings and Privacy, you can see here the option of Account Center. Click on it again. After clicking again You can see here that the option of personal details is coming, soas soon as you click on it, whatever your ID will go to g mail 1minute, the internet is a little slow here, you can see, friends,

the message has come here,instagram2 is your password. We will click on this.After clicking on this, youcan see reset yourpassword here. This is the message that has come in our past,instagram2 password, so click on this.Like when you click on reset password,two options will appear here.

You have toenter the instagram2 password, the same which you willenter here after creating the password in the question,re-enter here,after re-entering, reset the password. As soon asyou click on reset password, it willtake a little loading and automatically you will get your password on your ID. If yougo to the ID, then byfollowing this method, youcan easily see your reset password. Now, what do I do? Here I click on reset password.Let me click on resetpassword here.

Resetpassword. After clicking on it, youcan see that it is taking a little loading hereand automatically we will be shown thatyour password has been changed successfully. Youcan see that we have come to your ID.After coming to the ID, follow this method.

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