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How to earn money from instagram

How to earn money from instagram

so I’m going to show you guys something interesting if I just go into my Instagram as you can see this is my verified Instagram page so make sure you click this one if you want to follow me but if I go over here to where it says professional dashboard as you guys can see it says I’ve been able to reach over28 000 accounts in the last 30 days and if I just click into it right here atthe top we can see that it says insight sI’ve been able to get a 419 increase in terms of the accounts

that I’ve reach edin the last 28 days or so I’ve also been able to get over a 30 increase in terms of the accounts that’s engaged with my Instagram and I’ve also been able to grow my total followers by 4.4 so to day decided to make a video going through the most important things that you guys need to know if you want to start making money on Instagram the things that I’ve learned with various different pages

that I’m trying to build up at the moment so I’m going to be going through the five most important things that you guys need to know and it’s very important that you stick around from start to finish so you don’t missany thing that’s going to help you out on your Instagram Journey so if you find any value in this video at any point don’t forget to press the like button I really appreciate that thank you so much don’t forget to subscribe as well hitthe Bell notification let’s not waste any more time

let’s get right into ital right so jumping straight into one ofthe first things that I believe every single beginner out there needs toun derstand and they need to think about which is that they need to decide on a Content style and by this what I mean isthat there’s so many different form atsand ways that you can build an Instagram page now for example if we look at thes uccess with Sam Instagram page

what I’m doing is repurposing my long form videos from my YouTube channel and posting themon this page on a consistent basis butthere’s some other pages that I’vestarted building up where I’m notnecessarily sharing my face on cameraand what I’m doing is repurposing other people’s content and I’m using different format methods so if you’re currently at the start of your journey

when it comes to understanding the key things that goes into making money with an Instagram page first and foremost you’re going to need to decide on a Content style sowhether you decide to show you face on camera whether you decide to use images whether you decide to not show your faceall of them come with different pros and cons but it’s all going to depend on what you want to do over the long termand what you’re going to be able tomanage and by this what I mean is that there’s no point picking a specific content style that you know isn’tsustainable and you’re not going to be able to continuously keep posting video sand pictures rules stories

whatever itis on your Instagram page over the longt erm so you want to make sure that you figure this out from day one and pick something that you know that you’ regoing to be able to continue with as you continue building up your Instagram page I take my success with some Instagram page the reason why I decided to go down the route of repurposing all of my different YouTube videos is because it provides me with some more endless amounts of content I don’t necessarily need to spend any extra time to create unique content for my Instagram because I’ve already got the content from my main¬† but even though that isn’t the case it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be able to repurpose other people’s

content and it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be able to find a Content style that’s going to suit you your personality and the direction that you want to take your Instagram page all right so swiftly moving on to the second step that you’re going to need to take when it comes to making money online with Instagram which is that you’ re going to need to decide on a monetization method and for those of you that don’t know exactly what I’m talking about in my opinion I believe that the best way to make money from Instagram is to have an idea of exactly what monetization strategy you’re going to use before you actually start building your Instagram page because there’s so many different ways that you can monetize your page you can make

money by selling your own products and service sand you can make money by selling other people’s products and services so if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of being able to earn some sort of money from your page you of course need to be clear on exactly how you you’re going to do that the mistake that I see so many beginners making is that they will start an Instagram page just so that they can get followers but they don’t have any clue on exactly what they’re going to do once they now get those followers and I’m sure right now most of you are probably thinking to yourself okay Sam that’s great but which monetization strategy is the best one what type of product is going to bring me the biggest results and it’s going to be difficult for me to answer that because there’s so many different factors that you need to consider like for example which type of Instagram page have you built up which category is i tunder how much effort do you want to put in when it comes to making prod uctthere’s so many different things to consider but I’ll say that the most important thing that you need to think about when it comes to picking the best

monetization strategy which is what type of audience have you actually attracted and this is actually one of the next things that you’re going to need to think about you’re going to need to decide on what audience Do you want to build up when it comes to building up an Instagram page and the reason why this is important is because depending on what demographic the age the location for where you your audience is basedit’s going to have a direct result in terms of which type of product and how much money you can potentially make like for example let’s say if I’ve built up ameme page where I’ve put out nothing bu funny images and because of that I’vebuilt up an audience of kids andteenagers

and of course I’m not going tobe able to monetize in the same way andI’m not going to be able to make as muchmoney than if I was to build up let’ssay an Instagram page that’s putting outnothing but stock news andcryptocurrency and just general Financerelated content so that’s why I alwayssay that it’s very important to considerwhat type of audience you’re attractingbecause it’s going to have a directresult on the money that you’re going tobe able to make and the differentmonetization methods that are going tobe available to you and another reasonwhy

it’s very important to make surethat you decide on an audience whenbuilding up your Instagram page isbecause it’s going to help youunderstand what type of content to putout and what’s going to be beneficial tothem like for example with My SuccessWith Sam Instagram page because I knowthat people primarily follow me foradvice about how they can buildbusinesseshow they can sell on Amazon do affiliatemarketing Drop Shipping so on and soforth I’ve made sure that all of mycontent centers around this and I’vealso made sure that I’m providing thebest services and products to people tohelp them on their Journey but thisactually now brings me on to the fourthmost important thing that you’re goingto need to know when making money onInstagram which is to understandInstagram growth strategies and tofigure out exactly what are the best Instagram growth strategies you need tounderstand

what Instagram wants to seefrom you as a Creator and what Instagramwants in terms of the people that aregoing onto the platform and over myyears of being both a consumer and aCreator on Instagram I could definitelyguarantee that they want people to clickon a post engage with it and they wantsomeone to stay on the platform for aslong as possible so if you’re able toput content out that people end upengaging

with in terms of likes andcomments and people end up sticking onthat particular post for a certainamount of time and most importantlysharing that post with other people onInstagram and of course Instagram isgoing to piss you out to more and morepeople and another way that you canlearn exactly what they want to see isto understand the features that they’repushing so

one feature that I have seenthat they’ve been pushing maybe for thepast nine months maybe the past year isInstagram meals in my opinion I don’tbelieve that Instagram cares much aboutposting pictures that may or may not betrue but I can definitely guarantee thatif you’re able to put really good rulesout then of course you’re going to beable to get a lot of Engagement andthat’s why if we go on to my Instagramevery single day consistently I’m putting out between one to two differentrules and

I’m trying my best to makesure that they’re really good informative and it makes people want toclick on it and again share it with asmany people as possible and the keything that I want you guys to take away there is the consistency I don’t thinkthat if I was posting let’s say twovideos a week or even three videos a week I would have been able to get thegrowth that I’ve been able to get to beable to thrive on any of the different content Platforms in this day and ageyou’re gonna need a certain level ofconsistency and even though

yes I’m super consistent when it comes tobuilding on my Instagram page it doesn’tnecessarily mean that I’ve got all of myeggs in that particular basket this is the final thing that I want to share with you guys which is that you shouldonly use Instagram as part of youroverall business again in my ownpersonal opinion I think that’s a greatway to be able to build up an audienceand build up a community of like-mindedpeople and for you to share yourthoughts your opinions on whatever topicyou’re talking about but again when itcomes to monetizing content right now Ibelieve that it’s only one piece of thepuzzle and to show you exactly what I’m talking about if I just jump over tothis website over here that’s going toshow us the top most visited website inthe entire world right now as you guyscan see over here Google’s number oneYouTube number two Facebook number three Instagram is number four and Twitter isnumber five and the reason

why I’mshowing this to you is that yes Instagram is the fourth most visitedwebsite in the entire world but Googleand YouTube are number one and numbertwo reason being is because they’re bothsearch engines and people go onto themon a regular basis to tap in a specificsearch term for them to get a particularquestion answered so the way that I’vebuilt all of the different contentbusinesses that I’m currently runningright now is by utilizing the power ofbuilding up information websites andgetting them ranked on Google as well asbuilding up YouTube channels andbuilding up an audience that way and ofcourse utilizing the power of Facebookand Instagram so just to bring it backto the main point that I’m trying tomake which is that you should only beusing Instagram as part of your contentstrategy it shouldn’t be your overallbusiness model now of course at the verystart if you do want to put your laserfocus into building up Instagram

thenthat’s the way that you should do it butonce you’ve built up some sort oftraction and once you’ve kind ofunderstood what goes into being able tomonetize all of these top visitedwebsites in the entire world then itcould be beneficial for you to startpaying your eggs into various differentbaskets so that you’re going to be ableto have multiple different streams ofincome and of course there’s a lot morethat goes into the actual step-by-stepprocess of monetizing an Instagram pageI didn’t really go into too much detaillike for example they have thisdifferent automation softwares how youcan

use AI to help you if you want tosee me make more videos on how you cangrow Instagram Pages then put in thecomments down below do the Instagramvideo and I’ll get onto that ASAP and ifyou also want to watch a completely freewebinar where I break down my story ofwhat I had to learn when it came togoing from zero to over one hundredthousand dollars in profit with a brandnew online business then you’re going tobe able to watch that free webinar byclicking

the first link in thedescription down below and finally ifyou also want to watch a another YouTubevideo that I made not too long ago whereI break down everything that I had tolearn when it came to me posting over100 YouTube shorts to a brand newchannel within 30 days if you want tosee the results of what happened and allof the different things that I learnedon that Journey then you’re going to beable to watch that YouTube video byclicking the link right there make sureyou check that out straight after thisone because it’s already helped out somany people and I’m sure that it’s goingto help you out too Alright guys I’llsee you on the next one make sure youstay safe out there peaceforeign

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