page hit counter How to Grow on Instagram in 2024

How to Grow on Instagram in 2024

How to Grow on Instagram in 2024

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I will show you if I show you about my instagram2 in 2024. Okay and now I have already hit 1 million and this1 million I have Had hit86000 in just 11 months and that means if you add 30 days then it is almost 1.1 million. You can say that it is not easy to hit in 11 months.

Now what strategizer did I do and what changes have you seen now in 2024?What strategy to use?, I am going to talk about it in detail. I am going to tell you everything from zero,which is going to help you a lot. It will not take 11 months to hit 1 million,

it will happenin a year and a half. It will be done but yes, these things which I have appliedin my content, you have to apply them on your account and then see,

so first of all.I am telling you things very quickly because almost everyone knows this, after this choose whatever is according to your needs, I am doing digital creator and from here we will do the next step, now what will be the next step.

I am going totell you that it is not your business, obviously you are a creator, if you have a business then choose your business and do the next thing from here, this is your professional account. As soon as the professional account is created, you have to decide with full force what kind of content you want to create. Although you should choose before creating an account,

but when the account is created, you should be clear in which niche you are creating the account, comedy health or beautician or beauty parlor, whatever itmeans, it is very important to be clear in your mind. The rights are cleared, now the next professional account has been created, now the next thing is to write a good bio, you can write us, you have written the bio,

now put a good profile picture, put the profile picture, now the account is completely complete, the account is complete now. First you have to follow those accounts on which your content is related. If it is related to body building then follow big body builders who already create content like yours. If you are into tech then follow tech people and not anyone else.

If I want to show you, then this is my professional account here. Okay and I have followed only those people on my professional account who are related to my niche, otherwise I have not followed anyone else, I do not have any personal contacts here.For this, I have already created an account here, this is my personal account, all my friends love one’s family here, okay,

I will contact you here, you do not have to fall into this trap that brother, some will feel bad about me, some will respect, some will not feel bad, personal. If you are following them from the account,if you do this then your account will become exactly the account that you want to make it.

If you are creating it in i Tuck Tuck, then what are your techniques which will be followed by those whom you have followed. Their reels will come in your suggestions and your reels will come in their suggestions, that is, the suggestions have been matched, your interest has been matched, now your reel will go on their explore page, their reel will come on your explorer page,

that is, you will be completely focused on that niche. Assoon as you switch to that account,you will be in a different world,in your professional world. Okay, so remember this thatyou have to follow only those peoplewho are related to you. Now next, it isvery important for you to know this. That’show we have to upload a reel,what is the right way to upload one,

now I amgoing to upload a new reel, I will share with youhow I upload the reel, you have tofollow the same things like trending audios,hashtags or what should I say in the caption.I am writing how to upload a reel, I am going totell you in full detail as well asyou have to follow the steps, for that you havecome to your mobile phone, now we have to upload a reel, so we willtap here, like I want toupload this reel. Well, my today’s dealis Jai Shri Ramok, this is a reel I have made, Imake tax related content,

so you should know ok now I am uploading it,watch with me first of all as soon as you upload the reel here, you will get You must use a trending audio. Nowyou have understood the trending audio.You have to go to the edit profile and select an audio. Now whatever trending audio isplaying at that time, select that trending audio from here and apply it. For example, this is I amputting it right, now you will say that if the sound will be too much, then the sound will not be too much, you go to edit, from here if you type, you get an option of control volume, you have to complete the original audio,

you have to reduce it.Right, like you will reduce it and do it fromhere, done and do next.After doing next, now you have to always keep one thing inmind, you should never choose your cover pagefrom here, you will have to create yourcover. The page is completely new and separate,okay completely separate, a nice cover page,you have to choose, if you feel that you canput it in the reel, then yes youcan choose from the reel, rest always you can choose from a profileseparately in your gallery.

I have to make onethumbnail, that is to be used here on the cover,like this is mine, OK, now I will do it from here, it is done,now see,follow all the steps, always write the caption in big, let megive you an overview of how to do it, if you I havepower inInstagram2 caption, you have to write a bigcaption, that is, if people arestaying on your reel even to read that caption,

that means thattime is counting andpeople are staying on your reel andpeople are staying on your reel. If you are waiting, it means that your reelhas power and the chances of your reel going viral arevery high. Okay, now what will wedo, we will write a good caption here, thewhole big caption is related to this thing of yours.Okay, so I have already written the caption here.In my notes, Iwrite separately but today

that’s why I have alreadywritten the complete caption here,copy it from here, now I will paste the complete caption here.Ok, the caption has been pasted.Now people will definitely read the caption here to see all the features that I havefollowed.Now,

ifyou have made a collab with someone, thenyou will have to tag him here. From this youcan add collaborator or tag I amnot tagging any one for now ok because I havemy own reel, from here you will nowsee an option add message button, you have to always keep itturned on, peoplecan directly come to your inbox. With this, OK, the audience has to be kepteverywhere here. Checkwith me. Topics not to be used now. Yes, not atopic to be used. You have to use five hashtags,not more than five toeight maximum. Okay, now if you want to put the location here then youcan put it.

You willalways keep the recommendations allowed because mostly which go viral are the ones that go viral.Okay, now go to the advanced settings, if you want toschedule the reel, then scheduleit in the other wise. From here you can do whatever you want, yes one more thing, I am telling you upload highest.You have to always keep the quality turned on,I follow this step, nowI am going to tell you further steps, I am not uploading it from here right now, myupload time is 6:00 pm, right now here 348 It is happening, I am saving it and drafting it, only then I will schedule it,

I am not scheduling it now, so if I had to schedule, I would schedule it, for now I am drafting it,right now I am telling you how to make a reel. There are three main methods of making a reel. First of all, hook line. When you are creating a reel, it is very important to have a hook line in it and many people use the hook line, like if there is a second thenthis phone will start directly. Is it broken?I broke the phone. It is very important to use such a hook linewhich grabs the attention of theaudience. This is what I am telling you, ifyou are making a reel, then what should you use other than themainmain body line. It means that now you have totell what you want to tell in that reelbecause you have alreadygrabbed the attention of the audience. Now thirdly, when you areexiting, you have to give call actions.Follow,

why to follow,that is a must. Let us tell you that it is of maximum 5 seconds,not more than this. If you areinspired by someone’s reel, thenyou must give credit in the caption of the reel. You have to remember this whilemaking and uploading thereel. Now what do we do right time? Theright time to upload a reel is from 6:00 to 10:00 in the morningand from 5:00 to 8:00 in the evening,maximum 8:30 after that you donot have to upload the reel if you You also want to do this,

if you are absolutely sure that I willnot skip the reel on the same day, then you can take it till10 o’clock maximum, rest of themost active audience is at9 pm, 6:00 pm, 5:00 pm and Maximum audience remains active at7:00, 8 and 9:00 in the morning.

Till this time, Iuploaded two reels every day, uploaded three storiesand uploaded a rousal post every week.Yes, I was in tech niche, Icould. Manage it I was able to manage if you have adifferent niche, if you are into comedy,if you can upload one reel per day, itis best, there is nothing better than this, ifyou upload dance videos, you can upload one reel daily.

Best is up to 90days. 90 days if you can follow it on one reel,three stories, one day on one rauzer post, perweek. Even if you do rauzer post,do you know, multiple photos, in that time your reel willalso go viral and your audience.And your account will also grow.Last, I have followed this thing myself andI have told it to allmy friends. I have many friends who are creators,

to whom I have told it, they have followed this thingand they are growing. Now this is the only thingyou have to follow and this is the strategyfor 2024 which is not much change from2023 onwards if you are a strategist thenno one can stop you from doing this.I have told you all the things,give a recap in detail. I give: There should be aprofessional account,

there should be a good bye, there should be agood profile picture, thereel should be uploaded at the right time, there should becaptions for the reel upload, fiveto eight hashtags should be used, upload at the right time,see when the audience is active,all the new features. You have to use it for 90days. If you can follow then do one reel on day one.

You have to upload three stories every dayand even then if you face any problem thencome to my DS. I am here tohelp you out. Rest yes. If you found the video even a little useful then like the video and write in the comment box that from today you are going tofollow all these things for the next90 days and then your account will definitely grow.

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