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How to Instagram online hide

How to instagram online hide

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It neither will you be seen by anyone nor will you be seen byanyone. This is the side effect of deleting it online. Letme tell you that if we donot want to be seen by anyone, we donot want to be seen by anyone. No one will be able tosee us either.

Got it. Now let’s tell you how tohide it. Okay, I am telling you two simple waysif you are someone special, a specialperson or a prisoner from whom you want thathe should not be able to see my lassie and when I amonline. I am coming, when have I read his message,when is it, if you don’twant to see it, then there is a very simple way likeI don’t want to see this one Raj Choudhary or this one, I don’t want to see this message,anything okay orI will take Prashant Prashant.

It shouldnot be visible whether I am online or notand whenever I want to see his messages,I can see it. Okay, and if I don’t know about it, then for that,go to Prashant’s profile and from here tap on the right top corner threelines, meaning your Give arestrictor to this account of a friend,just give a restrictor, all the messages on it willgo in the request and you willread all the messages that come, you willnot even know when you are online, when you are online,

I amtelling him the first method and thesame. Along with this, you can read his messages,even the scene will not go away, if you want thescene to go now, then give a restrictor, neitherunfollow nor block, andyour work is done. The first method and it is even simpler than this,I will tell you how to unst I will do it brother,my Prashant’s messages are working, sonow I am going to tell you another way, forexample, Prashant also has a message, right,now I should go to his place, okay,

I havesent it high, so that he does not know that I am online,I have copied his message. See, what I saw, I amtelling you about it in a particular way, sowhat should you do, you go here to Prashant’sprofile, go to Prashant’s messages and fromhere tap on Prashant’s profile,go to Privacy and Safety and from here click onread receipt. Two turn off, I have alreadyturned it off, nowwhen have I read his message, no scene will be seen,now be completely chill and read the message, it willstill be visible online butnow let me tell you a simple way to hide this butt online, whichis really Easy,

now you onlymean when you came online, when you sent messages,no one will know, now what to do, there is onlyone simple way to do that,tap on your profile icon,tap on the three lines in the right bottom, right top corner,Settings. Go to End Privacy andscroll down a little and scroll down.Earlier an option was visible, Show Activity. Now thatShow Activity option has been removed. Now it has beenhidden. Have you removed it somewhere? Have youhidden it?

Where is it? You will get the message here. End Reply Here’s the message and storyShow activity status on reply Turn itoff Now when are you active, when who is active, but you won’t even know when who is active, but when you areactive,how will you know? That you are offline, no one will see it because you too willnot see anyone.

If I tap here, then it will keep refreshing after some time like this, okay a little because itt akes time to update the settings. Once I close it, I will come back. Let me run that Raj Choudhary is active, we won’t even see it, right now it won’t be visible, maybe see he is active, I am active from this mobile, I am active from my other one but here he is not visible, right, so in this way you too are not able to see anyone. Let’s see whether you are active or not and what should be made on Instagram by chilling

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