page hit counter      How to Instagram to Facebook  Disconnect 

     How to Instagram to Facebook  Disconnect 

     How to Instagram to Facebook  Disconnect 

The Outline of the Article

So friends, in today’s video I am going to show you how to delete Instagram from Facebook. Friends, how to delete Instagram from Facebook, after that you will know in this video. I am going to tell you but before that, like this video of yours and subscribe to the channel and click on the subscribe button so that you keep getting the notification

when I upload the video. Let’s start the video. Friends, subscribe this our account, so I willtell you how. Let me tell you that the post that is also made on Facebook that we have to disconnect our Instagram account from Facebook, for that,first of all we have to open Instagram here, after opening Instagram, it is easy for us and you,

friends, this If you have not subscribed to me yet, then do so, secondly, subscribe here, whose name is subscribe now, friends, here you get an option whose name is account here till subscribe. If you want toclick, then here I click on the account. After clicking on the account, friends, you will get a page on which you will get an option of sharing to drops here.

But you have to click on sharing there, here letme tell you this option subscribe and with the subscribe here, letme tell you thatyouget the option below here whose name is account center point center here. Friends, after clicking on the account center, a page like this will open,

here you get an option whose name is this one, you have to click on it. After clicking on this, friends. Here you will get Facebook account here Subscribe here Facebook account here Now after clicking on the skin friends here you get an option named hereyou can see that it is Remove from Subscribe Remove from Account Subscribe You should have such an open space in which you can subscribe and  if your friends on Facebook and Instagram donot get the water,

whatever filter you get, the fast you get to your friends, your experience here is good, your story is now in the post.Whatever it is, if you upload Instagram, it gets automatically uploaded with Facebook, but if you want to click ond is connect, then you have to click on Continue here. After clicking on Continue, friends, here you will see that this Facebook account will be created. Removed from Account Center, you will be asked like this, thenif you have to click on Disconnect, you willagain get an option here named Remove from, Patel. If you have to click on this, then you will be automatically disconnected, then you will disconnect Instagram with Facebook. Once it’s done,

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