page hit counter How to send  Instagram gifts and setting add payment

How to send  Instagram gifts and setting add payment

How to send  Instagram gifts and setting add payment

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Okay, so friends, the topic we are going to talk about todayis the gift option. Yes friends, if you have got the gift option on your Instagram, you have made a video. Already, you can watch that video by going to my profile.Now let’s talk. Friends, ifyou want to send a gift to any other account then how to send it. By chance suppose that you are watching someone’s reel and you are seeing the gift option in it and you want to give a gift to him,

then to give the gift you can We will have to add some amount in his ID. How will we add that amount? After adding, if you enable the gift option and send him a gift, thenhow much amount will be shown in his ID and that too, I will show you the live proof. I will also show you the proof, friends, recentlyI got the gift option in my account, this is my main account, from here Iopen a second account through which I will send a gift on this account

okay, this is my second. The account has been opened. After opening it,I will search for my main account here and open it. I will see onwhich reels the gift option is available. Mostlyit is on all the reels. Letme show you thatI have opened this reel and I am showing you this gift option,here I will click,okay, after clicking, an interfacewill appear in front of you, as you will be seeingSupport the character that. You have love,you want to give a gift on this,after clicking on the gift page, you can buy from here.Buy 15 stars will be written here.

You will be seeing thegift option in front of you, I willclick again. After clicking, theinterface will be like this. You will see thatafter clicking on send gift, you will buy from here,from here youcan buy stars, there are two options available in gift star,friends, I will click on buy 50 starswhich are worth Rs. Afterthis, the interface will appear here, which isa UP ID, you will have tofill it here and enable it by double clicking.After enabling it,friends,

you will see the UPI ID,I have already mentioned it here. You can continue from here. After continuing, UPI which is my ID is already mentioned, it will beshown to you andyou can manually fill it there. If my ID is already mentioned then you will be visible here. After clicking on Continue, the processing will be shown to youas you can see,after being in the interface, you will get a notification on your Paytm2 account. After the notification, you willalso get a text message. After this, you will automatically get yourUP ID. Go to or you can say on your phone orPaytm2, you can pay it there, itis ok by entering the ID and password, you will click on UP ID and you willpay from here, this is ₹ which will be added to yourinstagram2,this is a little process. It will take a minute or two to verify. After verification, friends, as if you have been successful in your account, this is our amount, you will see it here, you have all set, okay,here you will see a notification. It has been set here and in relation to that,I have sent the gift here on this reel, now it will give you this notification as you can see,I have sent a gift hereon this reel like this. You will see a symbol showing the notification here.

After giving two friends, I will refresh this account,after doing this I will open my main account. After opening,friends, I can show you the notification here.Notification You have to refresh it from here,after refreshing it will getrefreshed a little, whatever amountor gift option has beensent to you, you can also like it from here by clicking on it. You willlike, some interface will appear,from here you can visit the profile of whatever blog you are,after thatfriends, I will go to my dashboard,after refreshing, the giftssent to me will get refreshed here.Friends, you must be seeingthat there is a gift option here, I willclick on it, now you must be seeing that noamount has been added hereor you can say that the payment which is added through gift hasnot been added there.Because I have sent only one gift here, so friends,

I will open my account again. After opening, I will search for free account andopen the option from here,in which my gift will be sent. This option is,after clicking open on the gift page, I will send it from here again.After sending, you can say some stars, giftand it will be sent here. You can do this two or three times, if you want, I have told you. To explain, I am saying that there is a dollar show here,you will get an ID there, the amount which is there in reality gets added, so I give one by one from here, after giving two on one reel, there Whatever ismy amount, let’s see whether itis shown there or not. Well, it will definitely be shown therebecause I have already seen it andI also know about it. So, as soon asI open my main account, refresh after opening it. I do this,after refreshing, after refreshing a little,I have already shown you the notification, I willgo to the dashboard, after going to the dashboard,whatever option of my gift is there,I click on it, this is my option of gift, which I have given as a gift here. But youcan see friends, my earning in Insight ispoint L, one means onedollar, one dollar also means money, I have got 14 few dollars here, just like the gifts I had given in the video.Gifts were sent meaning even one dollar ,call it a dollar or seven paisa dollar, something is being

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