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Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

The Outline of the Article

When you open the murder Instagram, here you can’t country is fresh, then it is written here, what is coming, account replace field, what is the region, nothing is coming back, any photo etc. of yours. The profile is also not working,

what is the reason why it is so Supreme, tell me and I will correct it, I will tell you two or three ways with the help of which you will be able to correct it, you will see and you should check whether your phone has network etc. or not.

There are many problems that the network in your phone does not work very well and your net runs slowly. Sometimes such a thing can happen, then if your net runs slowly, either on the website or in any of your wards, there is an option of flight mode.

You can turn it on and off, after turning it off, once you open Instagram, you can see whether your problem is solved or not, but if yours is not solved, then I will tell you another method, that is my method, you payattention here.

You will see that first of all,open your settings, secondly, what to do in the second period, if you have to open the settings first, then open the settings application here, before that Itold you that you can do flight mode etc. in your mobile, flight mode in your phone.

You can turn it off too, you have tofind this setting in Captain, App Management or you can see the tap list separately, what ever option is visible to you, Iclick on it, you also have to clickand as you click.All the applications in your phone are here, now you have to find Instagram here, okay, in this application, find the certification Instagram and click on it, like Iget Instagram, guys, I click on ithere. But something comes from this side,

you can see And Forest and Ishwariya, you get to watch three movies, then you have to stop by clicking on the middle one, okay, you can easily turn off the forest, after turning off the forest, you will see stories. There is an option of ‘Stories’, so here you can see the storage extract, then I click on it in my screen like I click on the stars. Here you see the option of ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cash’, then it is simple,

Clear’ what is the matter? No, you don’t have to clear the data, you just have to click on clear cache and clear it and from here let’s go back, the work has been completed here ,now authors can switch off their phones, what’s the difference? It will happen that whoever is not dropping anything on your phone now will be fine, Surya, first I have switched it off and on, now let me introduce Instagram again and here I appoint Instagram like Ok, everything is fine for me, here you can see that it is 100%correct. If you do all this and it still doesn’t get fixed, then you can check it once by connecting it to another phone etc.

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