page hit counter Instagram couldn't refresh feed

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

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Welcome back to the video and if we go to Instagram, then jump to the feed, note that this option is refreshed, it means there is a problem on Instagram, if I turn on my feed, look at Instagram, I have tried to refresh and See this jump note refresh d fit ok this jump note refresh feed is here and many people are having problem right now what is the problem how can it be fixed.

In this video we are going to talk about this in detail. Introduction Let’s talk about Modi directly, for this you are already see in git here, so now I will not be able to take it further here, this jump note refresh speed, you people will not be able to give your photos also, if you scroll slowly like this.

If you do this also, then look here also below, ,I will tell you three or four ways, you have to follow me, one or the other is your panacea, someone or the other will definitely reduce it. Okay, so the first thing we do is to use our Instagram application. Let’s clear it, that is, if the bags go to our Instagram, then anyway there is a problem and Instagram fixes it, so first of all you should check whether your Instagram is updated or not and then For this, we will go to Play Store and here we will check by writing Instagram,

is Instagram updated or not?Lately look at my Instagram,is it updated till date? This problem may be there, if it is coming from other side of Instagram only. First of all, you should check your update, after that I will tell you about other problems, as soon as the update is done from here, we will check again whether my problem has been fixed or not. If this problem is not fixed, then after thatI will tell you the second method, you have to follow the first method, so first of all, wheneveryou have any such problem that Instagram is not working, jump note,refresh this feed or there is some otherproblem, story is not loading. Photos are also not loading, sofirst of all you update it because there areInstagram which gets fixed very quickly. Ifyou have to keep updating then go andupdate it. Okay, first method,

I willcheck it and then open it. After doing this, it is okay, it is still the same, jump note,refresh fit, it means that my problem is not fixed yet, o I am going to tell you the second method, secondly, what you have to do isyou have to go to your application, you have tosave it here. This problem is coming in Android, so I am telling you in Android itself, from here you tap on up info and after that here how to clear it. Okay, now we will go to storage, and from here is cache. Okay, now it can be any verb. It will be fixed, meaning the problem has arisen due to that also, you don’t have to store it for this.

If you do the storage for this, then from here allyour Instagram will be out and you will have less problem. It is possible that we have to enter the password. If you don’t remember even this and we can’t even login, then this is the second method. If you have done this, if your problem is not resolved even with this, then we will adopt the third method. Third method, what will we do? We will go to the Instagram application and report. Jump Note. The refresh speed is coming, so for that you have to do a simple thing,go to Instagram, tap on your profile eye can on the left, see this, jump note,

refresh video is coming, okay, I will try this again later, my Tap on the profile chicken, writeup, tap on the three lines, go to settings, from here you have to scroll down and like while scrolling down here, you jump to help, OK, if you were facing a problem with note refresh, you just get its screenshot here. You have to report it,okay, so I am late taking a screenshot here, go back, okay, you have to check like this, you will just come here, reporter problem, tap on it and after including and continuing from here, now you have to write in brief here which What I will write here, I will also give you in the caption, you will get it in the description, from there you can copy paste it directly, then here you write them Hi Team Instagram I have up datedmy application and style having an issue called field jump note Refresh please help me fix this problem, yes, it ispossible but that’s it,

You have to write it and from here you send it, all you have to do is this and after that your problem has been reported and it is possible that the more reports there are, the more Most of the problems are fixed quickly, they used to give updates as soon as possible, related like this, if the problem is not getting fixed even with this, then now you have to do one less which is from vanilla, for this, if your problem is not getting fixed at all from here then Now on Google and here you write Instagram old version,

okay now as this September is going on then download any version of August and we will go from here as this is the latest version right now so we will see the old version. Which is before September or August, like this one is of July, in August means before today, if we pick up any version of even a week before today, we will copy it, okay, just download it again from here and install it.

This is DATS IT, your problem will be solved otherwise your problem will be solved as soon as you up date because this is the reason why I was facing this problem which I am not showing by downloading it because mine is already downloaded and my problem is also fixed. If it has happened, then what do you have to do first? You either update and see how to clear, after that how to clear, you have to report once.

Chauth, you download the old version, otherwise your problem will be fixed because in the morning. I was having this problem since long, I am making videos at night, I am having it now, I have checked with you, this problem must have been fixed by now, so you don’t have to worry, if you don’t want to do anything, then you can just Wait for 24 hours, this problem will be fixed, other wise you can download the older version and run it smoothly or you can download Instagram Lite and run it comfortably,

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