page hit counter Instagram Followers Count Not Showing Problem

Instagram Followers Count Not Showing Problem

Instagram Followers Count Not Showing Problem

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Go to the notification and see that my followers are increasing there, but I go to the ID and see that the count is not increasing there. Many people are saying, look here, see these comments, I have also picked some comments for you, see, my 2000floors have increased, it is showing in the notification, but the ID is not being counted, the number is still there. Shows are happening from there, I am not counting and I am getting a lot of comments like this, Sir, my 300 followers have decreased,6000 followers have decreased,

in this way I have a lot of people like this in the comment box. Comment: There are two problems going on in Instagram right now. First, your followers are increasing in the notifications but they are not showing on the ID. Second problem is that your followers are decreasing.

The solution to both the problems is sitting in front of you, the technical shop will solve your problem. Here I open Instagram. I am also facing the same problem which you are doing. My followers are increasing here, see for yourself. My followers are increasing through notifications and my followers keep increasing, you see here yourself brother, 24 hours my followers keep increasing but here I come on the ID, my followers account is not happening here, you see yourself.

Take my brother, these followers, which were400041, have decreased today to3846 and while my followers have increased by more than 100,but this show is still doing so much. Today, my followers have increased by more than 100, but my followers have increased today. I have been seeing this since morning, it is showing 846, later after 3000, it means my followers are not increasing and have also decreased.

Now here I am going to give you the solution to both the problems because I did a lot of research. That’s why I have come here in front of you guys, so the first problem that you have is that through the notifications from your followers, they are increasing here but here the IDs are not being counted, so there is a simple solution to this problem which is The solution to the problem is that there is a box running on Instagram. This box is running for over 24 hours. This is happening with many people. It is not happening with you. This is happening with everyone. Their followers are increasing but not counting. If this is happening, then what is the solution to this problem?

This is a box from Instagram. Instagram team is busy in fixing it. As soon as Instagram fixes it, what do you have to do? If you have to open the Play Store, then as soon as you open the Play Store, When you open the gas, you simply have to search Instagram, like if you search Instagram, it will be written here that Instagram update will be shown, like here you will be shown the update of Instagram, this is going to come very soon, the problem should be solved within 48 hours. The Instagram team is working on this because this is a big problem. Ifyou are not getting followers on Instagram,

then what you have to do is to wait. Here an update of Instagram will come, like an update of Instagram, you will get an update. You don’t have to do this, what do you have to do? You have to come back.As soon as you come back, you have tosimply uninstall Instagram from your mobile, only then your problem will be solved, it will not be advised, you must have tried many settings, I know you are clear. Don’t know what settings you have done on Instagram,brother, all of them are not going to do anything, this is the work of Instagram, nothing will be done with it, do any setting and no matter how many reports you do, Instagram, these boxes of Instagram are not going to do anything.

There issome problem in Instagram, that is why this problem is coming, then simply you have to uninstall Instagram from your mobileand then you have to open Play Store and from here you have to install Instagram, people have to do it like this. Your problem will be solved, this is the solution to this problem. Advise, in any setting, if I start telling you from my side, dot his, do that, then nothing is going to happen. If the thing turns out to be true, if I say it on my face, then this is it. The problem is of Instagram, the team of Instagram is solving it be cause we cannot solve it, I can’t anyone do it, the only one who will solve it will be the team of Instagram, this is our problem,

if it is not our problem then You will start getting followers in your account. Now let us talk about the second problem, which is why your followers are decreasing. I will give you 100% solution to this problem, which is a big scam going on in Instagram these days. People must have seen that many such websites are available to increase your followers through Gym Panel. There are many people among you who have increased their followers through the website and there are many people who have not increased their followers. They have increased their real followers through the website.

Now here, the people who have used the panel through the website have increased their followers and the people who have not done so, here the followers of both are dropping, which means they should be No mistake, these people have done this, they have done followers through their panel, in this case, you have not done it, why is this happening to you, so here I have the solution for this, it is towards your close decision, there is only one solution which is what Instagram did? There are many accounts on his platform, he is removing all the board accounts from his platform, now in such a situation, if you havevote followers on your ID, then you will see it decreasing, you have followers,

they will be decreasing butyou will feel that your Real followers are decreasing. Your real followers are not decreasing. The bot followers on your ID are decreasing.Instagram is removing all the bot accounts from its platform. Here many people will say that they are not on our account. No yes, there are board followers on your account,that’s why your decreases are happening. Your decreases are not there.On my account also, due to many followers,those decreases have happened. On your account too, there are many followers, they are decreasing.

I can tell you, all the panels. It is not there in all these, it is there, vote ID is created, if your account is followed with the ID,then all of them are boat flowers. What is Instagram doing now? All the panelists have a lot of followers, don’t they all have their platform? Because Instagram will go far ahead in the coming time and here people are still earning lakhs of rupees monthly andin the coming time they will earn more than this.Instagram is adding many features to earn money. New updates are coming every day, due to which you are getting to see new boxes on Instagram. Sometimes your ID gets logged out just by searching hash tags. Such a scene has happened with many people.

I had also made a video on this and here brother, I was talking to someone at night, father, tell me,what was I doing with my GF, brother, I was talking to someone and important, you were talking there, I mean when I was talking to them. He was messaging me. He is not showing me. Meaning, he is messaging me. I am not being shown. Ifeel that he has gone offline but he is online. He is messaging me. LaterI saw the morning sentence. That I have received many other messages, they are not  offline, they would wait for me to send messagesand I was waiting for their messages, so I don’t know where in the message box, you are getting to see boxesjust like Instagram. Every day new updates are coming, a lot of updates are coming, Instagram is coming with a lot of updates, because of that,


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