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Instagram Followers Decreasing Problem

Instagram Followers Decreasing Problem

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The person who has faced and solved this problem can give it and that person is me. You will get 100% solution of this problem in this article because I know it very well, first I work practically and then I get the solution. The experience I get after working practically, I share that experience and that solution with you. You all must know me, I work practically, see here I am, see my followers increase here.

I will show you here, look in the followers list, my followers are increasing, but look, I have applied, now look here, my followers are increasing every second, my followers are increasing every second, every minute. But it is not increasing on my profile as of now. This problem was facing me a lot about 40 days ago.

I had solved it. Look, I will tell you the whole story. How does this problem come? See, let me tell you. Let me tell you, first of all, this problem comes when you start Instagram, your followers were increased by someone, boat followers were put on your account, it is 64000 to 65000,then it becomes 64000, then 65000 again.64000 is working with you in this manner,

then this problem comes to you when therecommendation guidelines are imposed on your account,see what you have to do is by clicking on the three dot,here you have toscroll down, now as soon as youScroll down, here guys you have toclick on the account status. As soon asyou click on the account status,

hereif an error is coming in front of the remote content,green tick is not coming, if the error is coming then there issomething wrong with this. There is no problem but at the same time,instead of the recommended green tick, an error is appearing on the content date count.Due to this, what will happen to your followers till 90 days? Yourfollowers will be decreased for 90days as soon as the recommendation guidelines are applied on your account.If it gets removed after 90 days, as long asit remains on your account,your followers will not increase for 90 days, yourfollowers will keep decreasing,you will see your profiler like this. Suppose you have10000 followers, I am givingyou an example. It can be more or less than10000. Your followers are from 10000 to11000, then to 10000, then to 11000, to10000. In this way,

your followers will keep increasing and decreasing as long as there commendation guidelines are imposed on your account, as soon as it is removed, your Followers will start increasing, but as long as it continues to work, till your followers do not increase, it will only decrease. This problem also comes, now my account is fine, it is not working on my account, maybe it is working fine on your account. Now we move towards the third problem.

You people do not know how it comes. Here I will tell you the story of my account.40 days ago Ihad 2 followers on Instagram and this scene was going on with me from my 10000. I used to get 11000followers and then it became 10000.11000 10000 11000 10000. The game has been running like this for at least three months with me. For 3months,

I was not able to understand what is this problem and why is it actually happening. Suppose your followers have increased, why has it increased so much all of a sudden? Some of your videos have gone viral because of that, after that the video has stopped going viral on your account. Now your followers are decreasing.

People who liked you in that video have increased. At the time when you were trending, your video was going viral, people follow you but after some time people start unfollowing you, now what is the scene, the number of people following you seems to be increasing. Here in the notification you can see those who are following you.

Here these people are visible to me, brother, they are following me but you are not able to see those people who are unfollowing you. If you If you find out that this person has unfollowed you, you will get a notification that if this person has followed you, then you will come to know that yes brother, so many people have unfollowed me, so many people have followed me, so this is not a problem.

The problem is in your content, ok now see, 40 days ago I was struggling with this problem, that is, I used to get 10000to 11000 followers and then 10000,but what did I do within 40 days, I got 65000 followers. The proof is in front of you, see what was the solution within 40 days. The solution was that you have to make the video viral. Now look brother, here I will tell you, I will bring you down, my story starts from here.

The result of 40 days is in front of you, okay, till 40 days, I had 10000 followers and increase, decrease, increase, decrease was going on, here this video of mine went viral and this video went viral on which 37 million plus views came, due to this my The problem that was going on about followers was increase, decrease, increase, decrease, my problem was solved, my followers started increasing immediately, watch for 40 days,

I posted many good videos, crossed the million mark, watch many of my videos with million views. I am showing you all here, watch all these videos, there are million views on them, look here in front of you,16 million means in this way, I made many videos viral, you can see the proof here, you can check my account, then you You want to make the video viral on your account, only then your problem will be solved.

Now you people are thinking that friend, there are no recommendation guidelines on my account, the number of views my video was getting earlier is still the same, reach your account. Look, if this is going in your minus, if the reach of your account is going in minus, then obviously your followers will also decrease, it will be 100%. Okay, now here you have to remember one thing, see what you have to do.

Now you have to click on the professional dashboard, now I will reveal to you the complete reality of your followers, what is going on, what problem is happening with you, whether your account is right or wrong, you will know everything, guys, I will tell you in the present time. Let me tell you, I have 64000 followers here, what is happening, since 5 days I am having the same problem again which I had 40 days ago, from 10 to 10000 to 11000,11000 to 10000, still the same game with me. It is being played means I had solved the problem, 64000 to 65000 becomes65000 to 64000,

This game is going on with me for the last five days, I will solve this problem again because I have the solution, now you see the details. You will have to explain it only then you will be able to understand whether your account is right or wrong. See what you have to do is to click on the professional dash board. Here as soon as you click on the professional dashboard, here you have to click on your total followers. Now By writing your graph, you will come to know daily how many people are unfollowing you and how many people are following you, how many followers are left for you,

look here, you have to click on this graph, here you have to understand carefully, see everything if Talking about the green line here, this green line means that when your flowers increase, your green line comes up. Okay, the green line means that the flowers increase and this red line here. Red line means followers are decreasing. If your green line is down and red line is up then understand that your followers are not increasing but are decreasing and will not increase and if your green line is up and red line is down then your followers are increasing.

It will remain even if you have 10followers or one followers increase and if the red line is moving up then your followers are not increasing but decreasing. Now this blue line here means the number of followers you have left. Do you understand? Didn’t come, look, nowunderstand carefully, for example, here I am, this green line of mine is going very high, I clicked here on the green line, here I clicked or I come to the end, here I clicked on the green line. Look, here you can see our all followers, our followers means here this is the blue line of the graph and the one who follows is its green line, this is the people who are following us and the meaning of un follow is red line. Do you understand? That’s all, now here I show you the result. Look, I clicked on the graph here and the graph is open here.

On 26th December, on 26thDecember, look at me here. Understand the follow. You follow me here. 2899 people have follow edme. Followed me on 26th December and how many unfollowed me, here is the proof in front of you,546 people means2899 people followed me and on the same day546people unfollowed me on 26th December,

so the followers increased and the number of people unfollowed me. Meaning, after unfollowing has decreased, how much total followers do we have left?2353. This will increase by going to our profile. 100% but look here, what is the scene going on with me right now, as you are able to see here, look at me here 1992. People followed me on January 5. On January 5, 1992 people followed me but 872 people unfollowed me, so how many followers are left on the ID, 1120. In this way you can find out. What I mean to say is that if your reels are going viral. So your followers are obviously increasing.

Now you understand that your unfollow disease is not only on your account, it is on everyone’s account, it is on mine as well as yours, but if this is the red line of unfollowing then Your red line is, if it goes up then your followers will start decreasing whereas if your red line is moving up but above that our green line is running, your followers will keep increasing increase decrease increase decrease wali. If the problem will not remain then guys, you have understood this much here that you always have to keep your green line above.

If you keep it above then what will happen to you, your followers will not decrease, the problem will be solved, followers will keep increasing. Now look here, understand the thing when I say this. I was struggling with this problem40 days ago, what happened then? I made my video viral within 40 days, many videos crossed the million mark, this problem of mine got solved, my followers increased but this problem came to me again. It’s been 5days. What’s happening since last 5 days? Flowers are increasing, they become 65000,then they become 64000. The problem is coming again in this manner. Now I have the solution for it. I will make it right again. How to do it? See the scene, what is happening, many of my videos were crossing million,but see what happened in the last week, here is the proof in front of you, 2 lakh 1lakh 1 lakh 1 lakh 8 lakh 70 lakh 57000 lakh,not 70000 53000 400 and this I have just done. Uploaded means that in the last week my videos have not crossed million views, that is why I have this problem again, now I have to get a video here to cross million view sand if I upload a video here, If I make my video cross the million views, then my followers will increase immediately.

This problem of increase and decrease is going on.64000 to 65000 become 65000to 64000. This problem will be solved for me. What is the solution to this? You have to make your video viral, your video will cross million views, your problem will be solved, otherwise if the same problem continues with you, then what do you have to do, you have to change your content, may be you were getting good views earlier but now you are getting good views. It is not coming be cause your video did not go viral in the last few days, here I will tell you a strategy onInstagram2 If your video does not go viral within 15 days, if not even a single video hits million views, then for example, you will have 1 lakh views on every reels. If they are coming then their views also start decreasing, that is 1 lakh rupees on every reels, then your90 thousand 80000 7000 will start decreasing in this manner, then within 15 days you should get one to two reels video hitting million views.

If you don’t reach million views of your video within 15 days, then what happens to your followers who unfollow you? People who are unfollowing you keep doing it. This happens on everyone’s account but when people unfollow us more than us. When our reels go viral, people who follow us are leaving after unfollowing us, but more people follow us than that. When our reels go viral, we do not know how many people unfollowed us and how many. People followed us, we just see the followers increasing and when our reels are not talked about then what happens to us, if the followers also do not increase then that is the disease of unfollowing, people are unfollowing us and those who are increasing our followers. Those who are with us are just following us, what happens is that phenomenon starts, you see your followers decreasing, then you always have to keep making your reels viral, your followers will keep increasing, any time you feel like this.

It will not happen that your followers are decreasing and when your deals are not wise then the decrease that is happening is happening but no one is following you, your followers are not increasing that is why you see it decreasing. There is only one solution for this, within 15 days you have to keep making one or two videos viral, keep hitting million views, your followers will not always decrease, will always keep increasing and this last problem also let me tell you, this problem also comes. Your account is perfect, the flowers are also increasing, the graph line of your flowers is green, it is going up, no strike etc. has been applied, even the recommendation guidelines are not appearing, the flowers are increasing, it is happening in the notification


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