page hit counter instagram followers freeze problem

instagram followers freeze problem

Instagram followers freeze problem

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Frozen, that means they are getting the notification of following but their follower counter is neither increasing nor decreasing. He has become very busy here, so it is very nice, I was getting a message at this time, so in today’s video, I am going to tell you the solution to this problem. A few days ago, It old a solution here.

Many people also liked that thing but some people are not doing that trick. Some people are not enjoying that trick. So in today’s video, I am going to tell you a completely new trick. It is a very good trick, see it here. There are many such boxes inside Instagram, it is are lief, so if you guys apply this solution, then100%Instagram will solve your problem on its own.

So what is the solution, then we are going to tell you that thing, take it on the screen of your phone. Go here and simply go to the Play Store. After that, you have to check here whether your Instagram is updated or not. If it is not updated, then first of all you have to update your Instagram. Now after the update is done, we will Here we simply open Instagram, now after opening Instagram, you have to go to this profile area here,

Now after knowing you have to simply shave your phone in this way, now Dr. you have to go here If you want to share your phone, then after doubting, a pop shows up in front of you in this manner. Okay, now you get to see an option which is now report the problem, so you simply report the problem  here. You have to click here, after that you click on Continue, Include and Continue. Now you can see that the screenshot of your profile for automatic will be attacked here. Nowhere you have to describe your problem and write it. Now this Whatever thing you want to write here, I will provide that thing to you.

You simply have to check the description box or I will write my message here in the comment area, then you can write that thing here. We simply paste it here, then you also have to write the same thing here, now you simply click on send here, then whatever problem we had, we reported it to Instagram and Ifthispop up does not open even after sharing, then you have to report your problem manually here, then how to report, you have to simply click on the three dot here, go to Settings and Privacy.

After this, you have to scroll down a bit, click on the help option, after clicking, click on report, now you have to click on the problem, after that you have to switch off the phone, you report a problem here, then you have to switch off the report problem here. You will get to see the option of ‘You can do this in a very easy way by clicking here, but one thing is that you have to delete the screenshot here and you have to delete the screenshot of your profile. You have to pay here and upload it. Okay, you have tokeep in mind that those people who do not get that pop show automatically,

then they can follow this step and one thing is that after reporting this problem, you have to do one more thing. You will have to do this, if your profile here is professional or business then you simply have to make your profile personal here, then how to do it, you have to simply go to Business Tools and Control here, after a few seconds you have to switch here. You have to click on the account type and here you have to click on switch to personal account,

then you can see that your pop show will be done in this way, then you have to click on switch to personal account, then your account. If yes then it will be switched to personal account here, now don’t worry, later again we will switch to business or creator account but for now you have tos witch to personal account only, now after doing this you will then From this you have to go back, again you have to click on the three dots, go to Settings and Privacy,

you have to scroll down a bit, you can see an option of Account Privacy tab, then simply click on it there. You have to do thisand you have to switch your profile to a private account by clicking on switch to privatea nd you have to switch your profile to a private account and here you have to keep your account private for the entire 24 overs, after that you guys Simply switch off the private account and make it public.

After doing this, you can scroll down a bit and see that here you will see Account Type and Tools Pal written, then simply click on it. And after that you guys can switch your account to business or creator account by clicking on switch to professional account here and again following all the steps. In a very easy way, do this thing110% if you guys are If you follow the post step then hide and get 10%, your problem will be solved here

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