page hit counter Instagram ka Password kaise pata kare without phone number and email

Instagram ka Password kaise pata kare without phone number and email

Instagram ka Password kaise pata kare without phone number and email

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My dear, have you also for gotten the password of your Instagram account and you do not have a mobile number or an email ID?So friends, if you are not able to recover your Instagram account then you can’t open it. So friends, today’s news. Which is our video, in this video I am going to tell you that without mobile number, without OTP, without email ID, how can you recover your Instagram account, how can you open your Instagram account,which friends sir, Whatever I am going to tell you right now, I am going to show it through live proofand by opening your Instagram account, friends. Okay, so friends, before starting the video,if you have not yetliked our video and subscribed to the channel.

If you havedone so, then quickly like the video. If you havesubscribed to the channel, then dosubscribe to the channel anddo comment. If Imake a video for you guys, then simply thefirst thing is what you guys have to do stepby step. Watch it. Withoutdoing this, it was betternot to watch the video in parts, otherwise in the end you willalso go and say that brother, our Instagramaccount is not being recovered.

If we donot open our Instagram account,then friends, it will be your pea. Then thefirst thing you guys have to do is if you still have Instagram and you havenot opened your ID in your Instagram account for a long time,then the first thing you guys have to do isgo to the Play Store and open your Instagram account.Friends, you have to update your Instagram account.After updating, you all have to simplyopen Instagram.Now friends, as soon as you open it,

it isasking for many things in front of you: username, email ID, mobile number. The phone number is fine, after that the password is now friends, username, email ID orfriends, you know the username, okay, but the email ID and mobile number is not yours and friends, if you have forgotten your password too, then simply you people do not have to do anything. Righ tnow you guys are here, friends,here you guys can see that there is an option in front of you with ‘forget password’, you guys have to simply click on ‘forget password’likefriends, click on forget password’. Friends, there will be an option like this:Find your account, meaning friends, hereyou are again asking forusername, email ID and mobile number. Nowsee, you people neither have a mobile numbernor friends, you have an email ID, but you haveyour

If you know the username, thenfriends, nothing is going to happen with the username. It iswritten at the top,friends, please reset your password, youall have to simply click on it, likefriends, you will click here,after that you guys.Friends, the official site of Instagram will start opening in front of you and with alittle fear, you will open here,okay, I was looking for it, theusername and password are written in this manner, theoption is appearing in this manner, so simply see here.

A lot of things will be written here, so here you guys don’t have to say anything,friends, at the top it is written in front of you guys, Recover your Instagram password is simple, you guys have to click on itlike friends, here you Click here,you guys have to watch a little video and friends, you guys have to go downand here you guys can seewhere it is written ‘Visit this page’ where it is written ‘Na simply you guys above it. Click on Sorry Visit this page, you all have to click on it like here you will click, now friends, many things arewritten in front of you, my account was the head,

I have forgotten thepassword, after that friends, the logincode was there. Saint, you have a mobile number and email, you have10 access, you mean, friends,a lot of things are written here, so what do you people have to do if your Facebook,sorry, if your Instagram account is hacked, then here, friends, my account was on top of your head. You have toclick on it or friendscan see below that I have forgotten my password, so simply what you guys have to do is thatfrom here friends you have to forget your password,okay if you want to know your password then simply you come to the forget password. You have toclick and here friends,you have to click on Next,

like friends, you will click here, here infront of you friends, again apage like this is coming and here itis asking for your friends emailID. Mobile number, username,see here, there is neither mobile number nor user,you remember the name, but friends, there is no email ID,so here friends, first of all,see, there is no mobile number, there is no email ID,but here now youYou people should know the username of people. If you donot know then friends, ifyou are chatting with a lot then youcan also ask him that brother,what is my username,

then he will tell you thesymbol here. Hey friends, now you all have to enter thename of whatever user you have here. Okay, after entering the user name here,friends, here infront of you guys, see what is written on thecard, reset your password simply. You have to click on it,after writing the username, friends, you all have tosearch here, after this, friends, you will see apage like this, I am not a robot, so simplyyou people will get information about this. You have to click onit above, friends, after putting a tick on it, hereyou guys have to tick on it,whatever is written on the motorcycle here, friends, you guys will be asked to select it, youguys have to do it and From here you guys have toverify.

After verifying,you guys have to click here again. Your email ID will be told when I click here. If youdon’t have that email ID, then enter your email from here. You have to change the ID from here and from here, friends, you all have to confirmit, like friends, please confirm it here, after that, themobile number will also appear in front of you, so from here you people will have to change your mobile number. You can change the number also. Okay,

from here you guys can change your mobile number. If the mobile numberis the same then friends, you guys canchange the mobile number from here as well. Enter your created mobile number and it will be sent here.Friends, now the new password will be given. Friends, everything has been completely forgotten for you guys, now hereyou guys have to enter your new passwordand us friends,

I have entered the password, after that you guys have to submit the symbol from herelike friends here. You willsubmit here, it will take a little load for you guysand here, friends, yourpassword will be exactly the same, friends, the newpassword will be changed for you guys andhere, friends, your Instagram ID will be sent insomething like this here.You people have to donate like friends, willyou donate? Your InstagramID will open here,friends, without mobile number, withoutOTP, without email ID, friends,I have just presented to you friendsInstagram with live proof.Friends, I have opened the ID from here, sofriends, youcan open your Instagram ID in this way like how did you like the

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