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Instagram story Ideas

Instagram story Ideas

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So that your account becomes completely safe because it is not necessary, first of all you have to avoid such mails which are giving you verification bat chor any other person coming by meta. Do notreply on any click, you do not have to tap on it, rest now let us first come to settings here, then I will teach you mail,

So this is one of my accounts,I have already made a demo account on my main account which is 1 million. So a little bit, I am fine, now on the three lines on the right top corner,if we go to the settings, we will go, I have created a demo account, in that I am telling you what all the things you have to do, okay now we will go further to you. First of all, if you have a private account, then who is going to tamper with your account, otherwise if you have a private account,

it will remain private, so it does not matter, now on the right top corner, you have to tap on the account center for those with private accounts. They also have this thing because they also have to protect their account from getting hacked, no one should use your personal details, then we have come here and now you will see an option here -Password and Security, yes, from here itself Account Center.

Now Meta has done all the things, after this now you have to check which of your settings are updated or not. We will go to the security check ups at the bottom, like all the accounts you have,instagram2 info will help. To connect, if there is any security issues with your account, it means that as much information as you capture, you will keep it, as much as you will give it, brother, if in this case my account gets hacked even by mistake, then get my account recovered because I have submitted this information. If you have done so,

The more accurate you keep it, the quicker it will come and the more protected it will be, so nowhere we have to first check Create a strong password, is my password strong or not? If you tap on it then yes. By the way, mine is strong but if you think that your current password is leaked some where or maybe it is not strong enough then these are strong passwords, see this password must be at least six characters which can be anything like Rajesh Kumar like this By doing the complete number name is hot a and should include combination of number letter and special character has hand alphabet and numbers should be mixed with them and in that too in capital and small letters so here you can update I have just seen 1 date If you had updated your account then I am fine, let’s back it up here, you have to check OK, with this you have to check your email is it correct email be cause if you keep the email updated here, hen your account will never be there because

You only have access to the email Id and from here till then it will not be hacked which means you cannot even delete the email, so your code will come on the email ID only and if you have access to the email ID the n just chill and share it with someone. There is no problem, your account will come back, here is my already up to date email ID. Ok, I am doing the back up from here, it is absolutely up to date, this is my mobile number. Here you have to give the correct mobile number which you are using. Whatever it is now, if you change it, if someone tries to change it, then OTP will come on this mobile number only that brother, if someone is trying to change it, first give OTP,

Then you have to keep your updated mobile number here. Now the main thing has come here, which istwo factor authentication, it is so important for a social media account, just like we keep a lock on a safe, yes it is equally important, so we know two factor authentication. Will turn on add extra security to your account,  will ltap on ok get started, now for authentication app first it will say authentication appre commended will check to see if you have one meansa duo app will come, I have notdownloaded it for this ok that is the list Youcan download it,

I am not doing it right now because then there is a problem in deleting it, so this is a demo account, you can create a duo app,in it you will get a code of six numbers which will come inside your app itself. Apart from this, no one can delete your account because it will ask for the code, from there you have to keep your whatsapp2 date here, ok confirmation code,

I have turned it on from here, ok look, this code for two factor authentication has also come, it will come like this. Okay, so you have to keep it turned on, along with this, you have received WhatsApp’s message, you also have to keep the text message turned on, mine is already turned on, so you also have to do this that if someone tries to change your password. Ifit tries to change your email ID, it also tries to log in to your account, then yes, on this number which you have given here, while creating your account, a code will come on it, then you have given this email.

You have updated your mobile number, you have done very well, you have done two factor authentication, you have already turned it on, no one can hack your account, if you use Duo application then there will be more triple security, meaning there are special codes after Duo. Those codes come only in that app on the phone in which the application will be installed. If those codes of the application or that application are not with anyone else but only you, then no one else will be able to log in to your account. If you want to log in also, then you will have to enter the code that comes inside that app, so this is the advantage of this app, so you can check your security in this way,

complete ok, I have done it and from here you are already ready for any Do not tap on useless emails which come to get the verification batch. I hope you wil lnot tap on any link which will come to you in future which you do not know about because a lot of such mails come and whatever mail comes to you, If it comes from Meta, then the last one will be Keep this in mind that you always have to check its domain. Just make sure that your account is fully proof secured, so you have to keep this thing in mind, your account will not go anywhere, be safe on your account. Work hard, be consistent and along with that, follow Raj Choudhary on Instagram. If you liked the video, then do like it and if you are facing any problem then write in the comment box that brother,


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