page hit counter We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram

We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram

We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram

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This please tree letter on Instagram to have restricted certain activities to protect a community, how to resolve this thing andhow to remove it and whatis this and why? How to remove it, in this video we will discuss a simpleprocess, a small video, watch it till the end without skipping, Start Bad Yuvan, my name is Rajshahi, the name is UpcomingBall, if you have not subscribed the channel yet, then hit thesubscribe button and if you like the video, please click the video.

Please do like it,subscribe the channel now and let’s talk about how we can either try and resolve this restricted issueor how to resolve it, for that I will take you to your mobile phone. On thescreen of So from here onwards we go to the screen of our mobilephone, OK, I unlock my mobile phone, OK, it isunlocked,please try again later, with strict certainactivity, you protect a community,first of all, let me tell you why this is happening.

When itcomes when we are trying to do spammingon Instagram, there aresome community guidelines of Instagram, we have tounderstand them that we shouldnot do these particular activities. WhatI mean by spamming on Instagram is that you aredoing any such activity. WhichInstagram doesnot support, are you playing the game of follow following that firstyou followed someone, in onego means in one second you are liking,every second you like someone’s profileor every second you are sending follow request.

Thoughts Call Timing and Instagram doesnot support this thing at all, that iswhy it makes some of the actions that we take, that is,a kind of We are beingliked frequently orlike anyone’s multiple accounts are beingfollowed and I will show you how I was liking it andhow I wasliking it and I go to the example here andhere I open their profile andtell them that I have followed them, from here I follow them and from here they will seeme and from here I will follow and like this,I will keep following them like this,then maybe I will accidentally follow them. It’sdone, follow follow follow, I getso many requests,

if I likesomeone’s profile,I do it once again and show it to you,okayInstagram does not support it at all, no, because of this,your account can be lost, I amtelling you clearly and this is the reason Ifthis problem arises then you must have understoodwhy it comes, now if it has to be resolvedthen how can it be done, althoughit is not resolved, I am telling you veryclearly that if this thing happensin something else then If you face problem, you just got this pop up,neither have you liked someone so frequentlynor are you commenting on someone so frequently,

I amsending you the frequent follow request, even then you faceproblem, then what should you do, take ascreenshot of it like I did. AlreadyI have taken a screenshot of it, let me show it to you,okay, only thentake a screenshot of it, nowafter that what you have to do is you have to go toInstagram and here you cansee the profile icon at the right bottom.You have to tap on it like you tap on it,here you willsee three lines on the right corner, you have to follow my thumb,after coming to the settings, you will see an option here,help right, here you are.

Dopenance and here you have to do this problem, report any problem of Instagram, I always say in my videos, report it brother, if you are facing anyproblem, take screenshot and send it to Instagram, this thing is checked manually. Instagram I will fix it from thearch, although the tight one is of24-48, the thing gets resolved with 3r,so from here you have to do itin the report, now what is that,can you do it by shaking also? We don’t have to report, OK, we have to do a simple report from here, turn it off, OK, you do it again in the report, there is a problem with the report, OK, now what is the problem, include and continue, OK, here you have to upload the screenshot which we have taken from there.

Either you can go and take thescreenshot here orupload it which we have alreadytaken there, so it was right, this is the screenshot, it has beenuploaded here, now itmight be a little different in Android but theprocess. It is absolutely ok, youcan follow this on Android also andalong with this you have to write here High teamInstagram please help me you resolve this problemResponsible thanks and whatever problem you have alreadytaken the screenshot here andnow you can find it here You have tosend it as you would send it. In Androidalso it comes out from here and with in within twohours like max within three hoursyou will get an update. If youupdate your application your issue will beresolved. It will not come again, everything isknown,

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