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What is Instagram Pronouns New Feature

What is Instagram Pronouns New Feature

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It was very important to come and Instagram. Already had brought this feature, has gone back to the lake, I am talking about the pronoun, if I take you on Instagram, here, if I do you, I am writing off on three lines or tap us on edit profile. If I do, then here you will see an option Pronoun OK, now it is Pronoun, are there many people,

so much missed lead and so much missed information that they give. I will tell them brother, do a little research, you don’t know what you are telling your audience,now let’s talk in big pronouns,I have said amazingbecause I know you people, it was very important for the heart,okay pronouns should be used as him. How to do it, why is it important, what is everything in detail, we are going to talk about it in the article,

so I have already taken you to the pronoun here, if I do penance, I can add it here, I have said add up you four. Pronoun: You are a profile which people know, you refer, you can edit and remove them at other times, even if these YouTubers read it after learning more, they will still know exactly what it is, don’t you need to tell it?

People’s brother, this will bringus to the top of the search resultsor this will improve the rank of our Instagram,nothing happens, this is avery good and amazing initiativewhich Instagram has taken, which wasstarted by LinkedIn before that. Only after thatI will tell you the pronoun on Instagram.When do we use it torefer to something, but for example,now it can be anyone, it islike it is done, let me talk technical, Guruji,okay, I am technical.

Don’t take Guruji’s name in ‘Bade’,I don’t know what itis, it is mail or female, so Ican tell him only by looking at it, it’s N-mail, okay, butnow we will talk in ‘His Bade’, we will talk by doingthat. They are ok sothis has become gender neutral ok so this isan initiative related to this thing I hope Igot the example right if I got it wrong then we are sosorry but this is it ok now let me tell youhere if we read people pronounce

it Next they refer you to someone without using dem when you addpronoun you yourInstagram profile it allows people you know whichpronoun you use when youcommunicate with you Ok now let meexplain to you in very simple language Rajan hogaya Rajan boyNow onInstagram also the name on the profile is Rajan.We are thinking that this is a girl but heis a boy. Now how will we talk,now nothing like this is written on his profile either.

Whether he is a boy or a girl, thenwhat will Rajan do about this? He willreflect Rajan in the name of us thathe is a boy and has been a boy since childhood. IfRajan is there, if she is a girl, he will treat us asbrothers. I am talking and brother, how are you,but he is not liking her, then she willsay, brother,

I am a girl, so hecan write there Mr. Har, but avery small example has happened as if I was about totell, I am something. I know peoplefor whom it is a boon, let me tell you that thisinitiative was taken and it was taken from an LGBT K A+, meaning to make this community alittle more gender specific,meaning there is an initiative for them like OK Transfer OK Now. Is transgender, helooks a bit like a boy or he hasbecome a girl,okay he had a different gender in his childhood but when he grew up, he changed it, so hecan write his gender there if he looks like a girl but he is a girl.

So theycan add it in their profile there, we have add edit in the signature of our LinkedIn, our Instagram, our Gmail, our email, they can also write ‘sahi har’ means ‘that’s fine’, now they want to be identified with ‘sahi har’ as if there was a girl in childhood. Now he laterbecame a boy, so only he can write ‘Ham’, thename in front of his profile was the same as that of a boy in his childhood, thename is Mukesh, now Mukeshlater became a girl, so now hecan write ‘Shah

So these things To clarify, Instagram has re-launched this pronoun feature which was there since 12, so that we can write our pronouns here, now there is some confusion whetherwe should write or notif you want. That friend, youlook like a boy, you are a boy andpeople talk to you like brother, peoplerecognize you by one look, so noone should definitely write to you, don’t write ok,you are a girl and people look at you and see you.People come to know that you are a girleven after looking at you, you are being called a girl,you don’t have to write the city but thosewho want to be non-binary or gender neutralcan write thatI identify as brother. I do this with this thing, mine is OK, now to keep it gender neutral, like we talk about someone’s elder that he is that,

then we can write Dame, I am a boy, I identify as a boy, I am straight, so I am the only one who can write ‘Hum’, if it is a girl then she can write ‘Shakti’ right next to her profile. Okay, just like this, we get the option here. If I type, Instagram gives us the option ‘Kar’ and another option comes ‘et try’. Ok, we can do it and write together. If you want to write, then this is the only pronoun. This will not increase our ranking. By writing this in our bio, we make our profile more specific,

more clear, more identical. I am a guy of gender, right is this pronoun, now I would like you request, you are friends who are You Tubers who are misguiding their audience, giving mislead, giving misinformation, I don’ t want to take names because already a lot of people are like this with me. Because I tell them, okay no, it’s your turn, you write in their comment. No, I am not going to say anything to anyone because they cannot do even that much study or even that much research on this thing. If you can take any topicthen what will I explain to you, leave it ok, rest whether

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