page hit counter How to viral Instagram reels in 2024 | Viral instagram Reels

How to viral Instagram reels in 2024 | Viral instagram Reels

How to viral Instagram reels in 2024 | Viral instagram Reels

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Settings, if I take you to my reel, then here I have pinned a breath, by the way, I have a lot of deals. Which is 50 million, 30 million has also gone, but the first thing I see is this one with free recharge, which has 16.8 million views. If I show you the insight of this particular reel, then you will see here that 16million views are almost 16.8 and Out of which 2 lakh are almost saved and 2479 which is comment and share is 476 716, almost 4 lakh are also saved, you see it is around 13, now we will scroll down a little, let us talk about the main thing,

OK Reel, you are here. If you look at the plays, I have got 12 lakh plays from the reel, only I go back, from here, if you have done your next one, now here I definitely have to put a cover, you make a separate cover and keep it,I will always keep the cover separate. I make it from this because when our reel goes to the explore page or someone comes to our profile and sees the cover page, he only sees the cover page that what is there in this reel that I should see, so here we have a lot of meaning in the cover page. It makes a lot of difference,

we get a lot of advantage from it, it makes a lot of difference by applying the cover with this thing, so I have put the cover separately which I have made, right here and friend, if so, I have put the cover here. If you scroll down a little on the page, you will get a recommendation option. Here you have to keep it turned on.

Yes, this should be turned on always when you read it. When your reel goes to there commended one on foundation, we can call it now if If you are not getting this option then you have to do one thing, I will draft it for now, OK save in draft, right now I am not doing this but that and now you have to go to the right top and three lines, from here we will go. Now go to Settings and what you have to do from here is a small option which you will scroll down and you will see an option, there it is Share and Remixes, an option isgoing to come here,

look here, where is Share and Remixes, okay here is Sharing and Remixes on it. We will tap, now at the bottom you will see an option Recommendation This is From here you have to keep it turned on From here turn on that means from there it will automatically turnon Now here above thisyou will see an option Allow people to download your reel Turn it off because if people startd own loading your reel and start sharing it,

you will not be able to do anything, so it is better that people also follow your link, that is, it also increases the reach, increases account interactions, it is important for us. Keep this aside, along with that, here in Share and Mixes, we have turned on ifyou want me to meet my butt, if you do these settings then your reel, I am not showing you only this reel, if you want more Let me pick up the reel and show you which one is in my millions, you will see in that also, if I see someone else which has gone into millions, let’s see, this one is worth 8 million, okay,

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