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How to Hide last seen on instagram

How to hide last seen on instagram

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I will take you to the screen of your mobile phone. From here on wards, we will see you on the screen of your mobile phone. Let’s go, you have to do one simple thing, go back along with me and follow these settings, in some other phone and set the settings in your mobile phone, follow along with me, so now we will go here.

OK, from here, after tapping on the profile icon, we will go to the three lines on the right top corner, after that we will go to Settings and Privacy. As soon as we go to Settings and Privacy, here we will find Active Your Activity Status. There used to be an option in Security and Privacy, but it has been removed from here because Settings and Privacy are visible, now that Activity Status is not there, so where will it be found now? Now on scrolling down a little, we will get the message End.

Story Reply Tap on this and after that here is the option Show Activity Status Tap on this Show Activity Status is my turn on and here if I turn it off then neither I will see anyone’s activity status nor mine To anyone i.e. when have I come live, when have I chatted with someone, when am I online, no one will know anything, but along with that,

There is another new thing, here you show when you are active together, meaning if you are active together. If you are chatting then he will know that yes you are online and you will know that yes we mean typing and wiping will keep on coming and also if you turn it off then now no one will be able to see it and along with that you should also turn it off.

You have to turn it off, meaning you are not along with anyone to see your activity, meaning I have updated this Adam Ori I meaning I have followed it and now an update is going to come here only. Soon here’s OK you ask we listen we heard your feedback and we’ve started testing a new feature that let’s you turn on here’s the read receipt of in your DM soon people will be able to choose when to OK when to let others see When you have read the message,

It means that a new feature of WhatsApp 2 will come and right here, as we do read receive turn off, no one will know, so this option is also going to come very soon. It may come in a week or two, it is already in the testing phase, so it is going to come soon.

If its announcement has been made, then now you do not need to take tension, I have told you how to view the last scene. Turn off the show activity. Right now you know and update your mobile. If you have not updated your mobile then soon this update will also come where you can tell every one that you are no longer active and at the same time you are also active.

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