page hit counter How to Solved Instagram Drafts Video Can't Be Posted

How to Solved Instagram Drafts Video Can’t Be Posted

How to Solved Instagram Drafts Video Can’t Be Posted

The Outline of the Article

I save the article in the default city and I do not post the article and it happens that If I polish the article again then it is not possible then what do we have to do for that then before I simply show you the voting thing, how people are speaking and how to correct it, all those things are inside this article. if you like the article then please like this article, subscribe and press the bell icon so that you can get the SMS content, so let me start the article without any time.

First of all, the problem of all of you is, let’s see that thing, sosimply we argue that youguys clicked and here ontop of this, today we are fine if Iopen the front camera here. By the way, this is an option and if I am recording from here, thenfrom here I am recording a article of two to four seconds, here friends,now support me, this isrecording in the article, okay andfrom here I am here. Saved simply, now clicked on the earth, after clicking, there is an option like this, after coming, simplyclick on Next hereand click on that, then whatever you ask here, here you You can write the caption, after writingit should now be available on the Store by putting it on the story and clicking on share here, you can alsoshare it on Play Store and thenclick on the cover. This is the profile image.

If you want to do so, click on it and add your The profile image is such a big app, you also need a SIM from here, you can put it here, it will depend on you, it is simply the mode, today you have the original audio, we will be indebted to you, if you want to see more, then you can click here for the name of the person. And here add partner flavor which is cigarette, after that there is share option here, if you click on share then the article will go it. Now this shampoo deposit is available to friends,

this is what happens. Friends, after saving here in the diet, you can see if I click on this and after clicking, if I click on the article here, a little inside, our article has come here, become a bad  simply click on it. From that you will click on the article, then click friends, there is as hare option here, share above, you have to click on the front zindag i Note, there is a triangle light on that side, if you have to click on it, then here friends, the article scandal is also posted, now its friends. What is the solution, what is the solution, let us talk today, then simply friends, what to do, we will cancel this thing here, then clearly refuse, but at home, we are banks and friends, if there is a little option here,

then we will simply back you now here. We have to light the office, here is the slide network of friends and here the article is ours, now we have to do it friends, we would like to upload the article, keep two things in mind very well, first, there should be internet speed, Instagram has to update. Many people are having problem after this, Sir, it is ok, now after that you have to send it to your Instagram, type clear cash, whatever is enough, if you are using less than this, then you have to type clear cash. If you want to do this then simply press and hold it,

you will come to the app information, after this we will click on storage, above that, click on clear cash with drawal and after clearing it here, it became 1400,now we will take whatever resides in it, what ever this new The chopped greens will be finished, simply open here, you have to click, after clicking, you have to login here with your office account, after this amount is invested, you will get an option like this, simply click on the profile. Will come to the third floor, after that you have to go to the setting shear to clean the whites, use Silota, Ludhiana seamlessly, half the cancer will be removed, employment has been given, here you have to click on the silver price, I hate it.

Now friends, you have to click on home, here we will click on plus, that classes are ours,after dishing, all you have to do is to select the article, okay when you select that article then it will be there. After taking it, we will click on it, after clicking, we will click on Next, this will take further processing, then the processing will be done, you simply have to enter whatever box number here, like I put new, what has to be done in front of it, also by clicking here only. Send what has to be done here, the code is turned off, after turning off, emphas is is given here on schedule in explorer, here

I made it step to date, after that I simply click on it, you have to click on the profile, after that For example, if you come here on Instagram, there is are ference that I had started doing a radio show while on diet. Now what is the point of friending, you just have to type on this, what ever is here, you can change any of your labels Raju Kushwaha, after that Simply, there is an option to share here, you have to click on share, friends, then use it here, our sharing has started here and here I am, you can see that our real article are inside the draft. Save here, the furnishing off here has been completed. If you see it in this way, it has gone live here. So in this way, if you follow this trick today, then you will be able to post any of your article with ease. If it is from inside the planet, then friends,

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