page hit counter Not posted yet try again Instagram / Insta reels not uploading

Not posted yet try again Instagram / Insta reels not uploading

Not posted yet try again Instagram / Insta reels not uploading

The Outline of the Article

if you ever get ‘article can be posted’ written in Instagram magic and no article is uploaded then how will you be able to upload the article and what is the solution to this problem. In today’s article, I will tell you some methods which if you follow, you will never face such problems and you will be able to upload articles easily and this problem will also be solved, so let’s talk about this, you can see. As I open Instagram, you can see that I have also come up with a lot of questions which

I am going to solve and send and upload them now, so the first thing you have to do isgo to the Play Store andsearch here, you will search Instagram. Here you will get the application, so what do you have to do? If your update has come, thenyou have to update it. What happens is that sometimes when a hotel comes, you see it on Instagram, then simple you have to update it anddo gas object. If you get such a problem,

then let’s talk about the second method, so first of all you have to open Instagram and go to the profile and here you can see three buttons at the top, then simply click on it. And like by clicking on it, you can see here Settings and Privacy, so you have to click on it and what you have to do is to drag it completely and come down completely and here you will see a lot of options, then you will find someone. Do not tamper with it and exactly what you have to do is to come all the way down, like if you press down, you will get an option below, you can see help, it is simple, you have to click on it,

like if you click on this, here you will get an option. No one has to molest you and you have to click on the special option Report the problem, like you will click on it, look here it is written to you that what you have to do to solve the problem, go back and set the phone, then you have to check the phone.

This means that you will have to shake the phone a little, sonow you can report the problem here, thenwhat you have to do is go to the menu and here you have to shake your mobile alittle, that is, you have to set it,after that automatically an option will appear.

When there is a problem in the report, it is simple to click on it. Just like you click on the deposit problem, there is a little loading here, after that two options will open here, so simple, what you have to do is to click on Include and Continue. Like on Include and Continue. If you click here, what will happen to you, the description has also taken you to the home, so you have to describe something here, like I am some one late here, like here I write,

Sir please solve this problem, then you have to write something like this. And what to do after that, you can see what is written here, click on it, like you will click on send, then what will happen, this will reduce and then what will happen, within 24 hours your problem will be fixed, you will have such problem. It will never come and then your article will stop uploading, then try applying this, your problem will be 100%solved and if it is fixed,

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