page hit counter How to try again later problem I Fix try again later

How to try again later problem I Fix try again later

How to try again later problem I Fix try again later

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I am going to tell you a very simple process by which this problem of yours will be solved 100%, this is my guarantee and I am not saying this out of thin air,I can also show you the proof, you can see it here, this is an Instagram user who had messaged me that he is not posting Rails on his Instagram account and is trying again later.

The notificationcomes again and again and he is unable to do the actual post, so for that I told him a simple process, he followed my process and his problem got solved and after that you can see that He messaged me back that now he is posting the train on his account, his problem has been solved and at the same time he also said thank you to me, so you can also solve this problem by following this simple process.

By following but for that you have to see the article completely without skipping because if you miss even a single step then your problem may not be solved so see the article completely and follow the process completely but before that if you have not yet If you have not  to the channel, then  to the channel because here you will keep getting similar informative article. So now let me tell you the solution to this problem,

so what you have to do for that, for that you have to go to the settings and privacy of your account. You have to go to itand from there you have to scroll down, then below you will see an option for help, you have to click on help, as soon as you click on help, you willsee an option above, Reporter Problem, you can report this problem. You have to click on it, like when you click on Report a Problem, then you will see another option below,

Reporter Problem,you have to click on it also, like when youclick on a problem in Report,you will see two options below, first isInclude and Continue and the second one is Don’tInclude and Continue, you have toclick on Include and Continue here, as if youclick on Include and Continue, then thetyping box of Report a Problem willopen in which it will be writtenBriefly explain what happened and whatit is.

And the working is basically hereInstagram is telling you that you have totype here, you have to write whatproblem you are facing with your account, you have toexplain it completely here, then for thatsimplywrite your problem here. You have to give your problem, howto write, I will tell you,you have to write, dear Instagram team andafter that take your problem like mother, myproblem is that my real post is nothappening, so I will write here, I am not able to.Post Release on My AccountScience 2 days means the number of days for which you arefacing any problem,

whether it has been twodays or 5 days or a week,you have to write it here i.e. after thatsimply write one line. You have to give Kindlelysolve my problem, listen further, it is possible,you just have to write this much, if you want, you can explain theentire problem here from your sideor further,you can copy and pastethis message here. I havealso given the message in the description below, from thereyou can copy it and after that you willsee an option below,one thing of the screenshot is done here, it helps you in solving theproblem which you were facing earlier,which is try again later.You have to take a screen shot of the notification that was coming in your phoneand after thatyou have to upload the screenshot here. Ifyou want, youcan take a screenshot immediately by clicking on the camera option hereor you can do it beforehand.

If you have taken a screenshot, then you can select it by clicking on upload. I would suggest you to take the screenshot before hand, then you have to upload it here. To up load, you have to simply click on upload and then you have to click on your That screenshot has to be taken like I am taking my screenshot from here and then click on donate and after clicking on done you can see below that the screenshot here has been attacked. It has been uploaded and above you will see an option to send, you have to simply click on the send option,


now as soon as you click on send from here, your problem will be reported and your problem will also be solved but some There are things that you have to take care of. If you do not take care of those buttons then it is possible that your problem may not be solved. Which buttons do you have to take care of? You have toreport your problem on week days, that means you have to report your problem on Saturday or Sunday. Do not have to report because the team of Instagram is mostly not working on Saturday Sunday, so they will not be able to solve your problem.

You may have to wait for a longer time on Saturday Sunday. I would suggest you to do your reporting on week days. Report the problem and after reporting, your problem will be resolved within 24 hours to 48 hours guaranteed, but for that you have to keep your Instagram account banned, that means for the next 24 to 48 hours you will have to log in to your Instagram account. You do not have to do any activity, although your problem will be solved in 24 hours but I would suggest you towait for 48 hours and open your Instagram account only after 48 hours and I guarantee that after that your problem will be solved

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